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Direct-Push has re-defined how contaminated sites are assessed

We are experts at executing environmental sampling programs at complex sites. CDS has a broad base of experience, at hundreds of sites across western Canada, using direct-push tools, techniques and equipment.

Prepacked groundwater well installation

Pre-packed small diameter groundwater wells can be installed within a continuous “direct-push casing” reducing risk of crosscontamination and reducing aquifer intrusion. Pre-packed fi lter screens and expanding foam bridges offer precise well completions in complex soil stratigraphy or across multiple water bearing zones.

Prepack groundwater monitoring wells are modular products designed for direct push installation. Technically accurate and regulatory accepted direct push wells offer a cost effective and labour-saving alternative to conventional wells.

Prepacked screen groundwater monitoring wells are:

  • The most cost-effective method for installing long term monitoring wells
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Manufactured using PVC and high quality stainless steel screens to assure representative groundwater samples
  • Assures accurate placement of fi lter media across desired interval
  • Meets requirements for ASTM Standard D6725 for Direct Push Installation of Prepacked Screen Monitoring Wells

Small diameter prepacked screen
groundwater monitoring well