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Special Services

Groundwater monitoring well maintenance, site specific decontamination programs

CDS provides complete environmental drilling solutions across western Canada. From monitoring well maintenance and decommissioning to complex in situ chemical oxidation remediation programs, we have the tools and experience.

Groundwater Monitoring Well

Groundwater Monitoring Well - Maintenance/Repair/Abandonment

Groundwater monitoring wells that are damaged or no longer in use may constitute a safety hazard or allow contaminants to unintentionally enter an aquifer. It is important that these wells be, repaired or properly abandoned according to the applicable rules and regulations.

CDS Drilling Services follows ASTM standard D5299 "Standard Guide for Decommissioning of Groundwater Wells, Vadose Zone Monitoring Devices, Boreholes, and Other Devices for Environmental Activities".

Please ask a representative about our complete life-cycle maintenance/repair and abandonment program.

Decontamination Programs

Site-Specific/Contaminant Specific Decontamination Programs

To obtain representative samples and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, it is important to thoroughly decontaminate each piece of sampling equipment between sampling points. Our rigorous decontamination program encompasses all of our equipment and conforms to ASTM D5088 Standard “Practice for Decontamination of Field Equipment Used at Waste Sites”.

CDS can help you to develop an appropriate site-specific decontamination program as well as provide all the tools, equipment and material. We’ll complete all of the verification sampling as well as track and manage all of the waste.

  • Equipment verification sampling programs
  • Completely self-contained decontamination set-ups
  • Secondary collection pads if required
  • Dedicated drums and brushes
  • Non-ionic detergents, “Liquinox” or equivalent
  • Rinse-water
  • Drying racks for tooling

In-situ Remediation

In-situ Remediation

CDS has worked with owners and consultants alike, to develop and execute a variety of in-situ remediation programs utilizing chemical oxidation and surfactant enhanced remediation techniques. We have the tooling, equipment and experience to undertake these projects in cold and warm weather alike. We know the challenges of working year-round in the Canadian climate and can help you plan for year round operation, improve contaminant destruction and speed up the time to achieve site closure.